SIDNEY -- The Sidney City Council Tuesday approved funding for repairs at Camp Lookout.

"Camp Lookout is the oldest original building in Sidney," said Marva Ellwanger. 

Camp Lookout was built with the expansion of the railroad and the skirmishes with Native Americans resulted in construction of Fort Lookout, Ellwanger said. The funding request would keep the historic building safe and presentable.

"The money we are requesting will go for some of the repairs of the observation deck," she said.

She said water damage has compromised the deck; it is not safe to walk on the observation deck in its current condition.

City Manager David Scott said the two estimates for the work are between $11,000 and $12,000. The funding will come from the City's ACE (Public Alliance for Community Energy) refund account, not tax funds. ACE is the not-for-profit retail gas organization of NMPP Energy, providing retail natural gas to more than 13,000 customers.

Fort Lookout is located below the water towers on the north side of Sidney, overlooking the railroad, the gold vaults, and  freight companies. The gold vaults were where the City service buildings are now.

The funding request was approved unanimously.