SCOTTSBLUFF -- The Scottsbluff Police Department is aware of numerous calls occurring in the community from a number that is being spoofed by the callers to appear to be from the police department.

The numbers are (308) 630-626*. These are actual phone numbers to the police department; however, these calls are being made by subjects attempting to scam those being called.

 DO NOT provide any personal or financial information to the callers. The callers are also using names of officers whom actually work for the department.

A common name being used is Sgt. Philip Eckerberg. The callers are indicating that they work for the police department and that the subject being called has a warrant for their arrest.

If you receive a call like this, hang up the phone and call the communications center at 632-7176. Authorities have also received information that some of these calls may be occurring with the use of Gering Police Officer names.