CHAPPELL -- The 2023 Deuel County Fair included the annual Richard Paulsen Memorial Ranch Rodeo.

"The rodeo is held in honor of our good friend Richard who was killed in an accident in December 2012. This is our 10th annual ranch rodeo in his honor," said Leslie Snell.

Snell said ranch rodeos is something Paulsen was always involved in ranch rodeos and attended ranch rodeos.

"This was something we always did with him and his family was go to ranch rodeos, participate in ranch rodeos, and so we want to keep the legacy alive," Snell said.

Organizers limit the event to 40 riders. Events include Pen Two, Brand One, Tie-Down, One Down. Each person could enter on three separate teams. A beer garden and dance followed the rodeo.

The memorial ranch rodeo has community and Fair support through the last 10 years.

"We're very fortunate to have many, amazing donors and sponsors. We've been able to offer scholarships. This year we're offering another scholarship and a sponsorship for a student whose going to study abroad," Snell said.