IMPERIAL - The Chase County Sheriff's office is thanking a group of people for assisting a lone deputy in apprehending an individual at the Chase County Fair in Imperial on Saturday night. 

The individual, who was not named, had an outstanding warrant from Chase County. According to a press release from the sheriff's office, the deputy first attempted to arrest the individual. The suspect instantly pulled away from the deputy and began assaulting him. An attempt to deploy a conducted energy device was ineffective on the suspect.

The press release said while the deputy was on the ground attempting to defend himself, a group of fair-goers assisted the deputy in gaining control of the suspect until more officers could arrive.

"The Chase County Sheriff’s Office would like to personally thank each individual who assisted this lone deputy when they saw that it he was in a dire situation," Chase County Sheriff Mueller said. "They didn't hesitate to help and were not concerned for their own safety but for the safety of the deputy."

Eventually, the suspect was placed in custody and charged with felony assault of an officer, resisting arrest and 3rd degree assault of another individual. One of the people who assisted the deputy suffered bite wounds from the suspect. No injuries were reported on the suspect. 

"It is a good feeling to know that if we get into a dangerous situation, the public is willing to help without hesitation," Mueller said. "We feel honored and privileged to serve our community. God Bless each one of you."