LODGEPOLE -- The aroma of fresh-coffee and pastries will continue, but the baristas and baker may change.

Amy, Ben and Clyde Richard recently announced the family is moving after seven years in the Lodgepole area.

"Before you get too worried though, we are excited to share that our shop is going to remain open and will continue offering our breakfast and lunch items, delicious baked goods in the pastry case, freshly brewed coffee and yummy espresso drinks, and a cozy place that the community and those visiting can enjoy with friends and family," the family said in a social media post.

Beginning October 1, Wildeflour Baking Co. will no longer taking any custom cake, cookie or cupcake orders, including wedding cakes. Orders already booked will be filled. 

"Everything is going to stay the same. I have the same girls working for me, and everything is the exact same, but since I won't be here, we're just not going to do the cakes and cupcakes, until we can find someday I trust to replace me," Amy said.

She said they are moving to Utah for her husband's job, and to be closer to family.

Anyone with questions or interest in the business can contact Amy at the shop, or call her at 308-249-0516, or email [email protected]