SIDNEY -- What's a man by any other name? Maybe a music legend.

The City of Sidney public transportation system got a call Friday, September 15, about a guy needing a ride. The name didn't seem too extraordinary. 

Marc Keane describes the event as most any other day.

"It didn't have his name on the pick up sheet, but I went to pick him up out at Cabela's parking lot. They were just in the parking lot with their tour bus. I just pulled up to the bus and, didn't know who I was picking up. This gentleman came out of the bus. And I asked him what his name was. And he said 'Lee.' So then I knew who I was picking up."

Keane admits he isn't a deep country music fan, but he recognized the name. 

"I'm not a country music fan, but I heard of him," he said of Lee Brice.

He describes Brice as just another guy. In their travels through Sidney, Keane and Brice talked about a wide range of topics ... except country music.

"Well, he got on the bus, and he wanted to go downtown. So I took him downtown. We talked about ... not really country music. We talked about college football, and we talked about NASCAR ... because he's from South Carolina; just a nice guy, enjoyed talking to him. Then I dropped him off at Highbys Outdoors. I got the call back about 4 o'clock, to pick up Lee at Highbys. When I went to pick him up, there was another gentleman with him. So I picked them up. I had to go and pick up two other members at the (disc) golf course right by the college. They got on the bus and they said 'this was nice.' They said 'since we don't have uber, they said this is a great alternative.' They said they might want to remember this in bigger cities and do this instead. The bus was cool and they had all kinds of room," Keane said.

 Brice and his band were on their way from the West to Kansas City. 

The possibly unplanned stop left a positive impression on the performers, according to Keane.

"They liked it. They said this looks like a nice little town. They were commenting on the clouds, and the weather. It looked beautiful. There was thunderheads coming up. Anyhow, they said 'Yeah, this is a nice little town.' They'd never been here before," he said.