Markham, Ontario, September 30, 2023 – Shaoren Gou, International Arts News–As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, amber glow over the Greater Toronto Area, a sense of anticipation and celebration filled the air. It was a night like no other, as more than 120 members from Canada and the United States, along with esteemed guests from diverse backgrounds, gathered to commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Atlantic Culture and Arts Exchange Association. The venue: a shimmering gala, a tapestry of culture and creativity woven together under the stars.

The Association, which has dedicated a decade to bridging the gap between nations through art and culture, was at the heart of this magnificent celebration. Against the backdrop of Markham, this historic evening sought to reflect on its remarkable journey while casting an optimistic gaze towards the future.

The gala was an enchanting affair, with a total of 58 members receiving more than 70 awards. Among them, three founding members were honored with the prestigious Pioneer Award, while another trio received the Outstanding Contribution Award. Additionally, 28 founding members and 14 individuals recommended by three professional associations were bestowed with the Association Merit Medal. The significance of these awards extended far beyond the numbers; they symbolized a decade's worth of dedication, talent, and the relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

These 58 awardees, representing more than 800 registered members and almost 2,000 non-registered enthusiasts, have been eyewitnesses to the association's illustrious 10-year journey of artistic exchange and communal sharing. Their creative spirits have breathed life into the association, fueling its growth.

President Congzhang Yu , in a heartfelt address, encapsulated the essence of the evening, "Looking back on the past ten years, we have grown from scratch, from small to large. Although the road ahead is full of thorns and difficulties, our founding group has never lacked enthusiasm and moved forward indomitably. With the strong support of more than 800 members and the selfless dedication and support of dozens of leadership team members, I am convinced that the Atlantic Culture and Art Exchange Association will have a better tomorrow!"

Congzhang Yu, President of The Atlantic Culture and Arts Exchange Association

Visual fine artist Michael Janzen, Chairman of IFAA (International Federation of Arts & Artists)

Majid Jowhari,Member of Parliament

A historical review video, a poignant narrative of the association's evolution, unfolded before the audience's eyes. From its pioneering and enterprising days to mid-term developmental endeavors and today's remarkable achievements, the video captured the smiling faces, cherished memories, and exquisite artworks that have marked this decade-long journey.

The timing of this grand artistic celebration was no coincidence, as it fell during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a cherished occasion shared by China and many Asian countries. It added a layer of cultural significance to the gala, transcending borders and bringing people closer through the universal language of art.

The event itself was thoughtfully curated into four distinct segments:

1. Speeches by Professional Association Presidents and Esteemed Guests The presidents of three professional associations graced the stage to share the artistic growth history of their respective organizations. Esteemed guests delivered insightful speeches, creating an atmosphere of reflection and inspiration.

2. Award Ceremony The pinnacle of the evening, where the outstanding members received their well-deserved accolades. It was a moment to honor the exceptional talent and dedication within the association.

3. Art Interviews and Sharing The Atlantic Photographers Association, the Atlantic Artists Association, and the Atlantic Calligraphers Association each took center stage, allowing their presidents, members, and special guests to engage in immersive art interviews and sharing sessions. Photography, art, and calligraphy became the vehicles through which every member and guest delved into the boundless beauty and charm of the arts, igniting new sparks of creativity.

4. Professional Performances Artistry knows no bounds, encompassing not only visual arts but also music and dance. The gala soared to its peak as professional singers graced the stage, infusing the evening with the rhythm of dance and the resonance of song.

Majid Jowhari,MP, issued congratulatory letter to The three professional associations

Winners receiving awards

Yueheng Duan,Black and white photography master, sharing his artistic creation

Pas de deux: Dunhuang wall view

Song: I love you, China

The preparations for the 10th-anniversary celebration included a photography competition held by the Photography Association, and an ongoing exhibition showcasing members' photography, art, and calligraphy works in Markham. The recently published 10th-anniversary art collection serves as a testament to the association's continued commitment to fostering artistic talent.

The Atlantic Culture and Arts Exchange Association, born as a Non-Profit Organization in Ontario in 2010, held its inaugural meeting in 2013. With a mission to bridge cultural and arts exchange between Canada, China, and other nations, the association has since thrived.

Comprising three dynamic branches - the Atlantic Photographers Association, the Atlantic Artists Association, and the Atlantic Calligraphers Association - the association boasts more than 700 active registered members and over 2,000 non-registered participants hailing from Canada, the United States, China, Australia, Japan, and various other countries.

Throughout its existence, the association has organized multiple Toronto International Photography Competitions, annual Art Shows, and Calligraphy Shows, earning accolades from the artistic community. They also host high-quality online and in-person art seminars, lectures, outdoor photography excursions, and sketching/painting trips.

The Atlantic Culture and Arts Exchange Association has not only provided a platform for artists and art enthusiasts to hone their skills and showcase their work but has also been a vibrant part of the community.

The Atlantic Photographers' Association is a thriving photography association that stands as one of North America's largest and most vibrant. Boasting over 700 active registered members, the community thrives on sharing and learning. Beyond its four monthly publications, insightful photographer interviews, and special albums, it also offers enriching guest sessions featuring renowned photographers. Moreover, it presents an array of avenues for member engagement. These encompass collaborative Wechat Group sharing, enriching workshop sessions, exclusive internal member photography contests, and the highlight of its calendar – the annual worldwide photo contest.

Guided by the principle "Let a hundred flowers bloom," it is dedicated to inclusivity, fostering an environment where photographic art can flourish and evolve. The Atlantic Photographers' Association owes its renown to the spirited contributions and collaboration of its members. Today and tomorrow, the exceptional quality of its members' work continues to guide its journey with a sense of purpose.

The Atlantic Artists Association, with over 100 active members, stands as a vibrant hub for artists and enthusiasts to celebrate their passion for art. Their offerings include regular skills development classes, art exhibitions, and painting trips. The association is not just about individual growth; it actively contributes to the development of a compassionate and inclusive society through charitable initiatives, bringing art experiences to vulnerable seniors and underprivileged communities.

The Atlantic Calligraphers Association, after six years of unwavering dedication, has risen to prominence as a well-known and influential calligraphy group in Toronto and internationally. Their active participation in local and international cultural activities, including the Chinese New Year and Cultural Festival, has cemented their reputation. They've also made their mark on the global stage by participating in prestigious events like the 2018 International Calligraphy Exhibition and the Toronto International Calligraphy Exhibition.

As the night drew to a close, it was clear that the Atlantic Culture and Arts Exchange Association's 10th Anniversary Gala was not merely a celebration of the past but a proclamation of the future. It was a testament to the enduring power of art to bridge cultures, transcend borders, and inspire a better tomorrow. As the stars continued to twinkle overhead, the spirit of creativity and camaraderie illuminated the path forward, promising a brighter, more harmonious world through the arts.


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