COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- USA Cycling announced October 30 it will return to Gering in 2024.

The National Gravel Championship will be held September 8.

USA Cycling is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated schedule for the 2024 USA Cycling National Championships. With events spanning multiple cycling disciplines, the 2024 season promises to showcase some of the best races in the United States.

“The 2024 National Championships will be a testament to the passion and dedication of our members. They offer opportunity for everyone. To some, it’s an act of courage and ambition to merely participate. To others, Nationals are a critical step towards Olympic and World Championship dreams. Nationals are where lifelong memories are made, and we’re excited to showcase our most important events in such phenomenal communities,” USA Cycling's President and CEO, Brendan Quirk said in a press release.

Gering was chosen as the host site for the Gravel Championship this year. Gering Tourism Director Karla Neidan-Streeks said they expect the event to be even larger in 2024.

"We were very successful in hosting the first inaugural USA Cycling Gravel National Championships in September. It took a lot of coordination in literally all aspects of our community; certainly coordinating lodging for the expected number of riders that would be coming in, and making sure everybody had a place to stay, and that they were welcomed in our community," she said.

Neidan-Streeks said one of the first priorities is ensuring riders felt welcome in the community. Collaboration included restaurant and retail support as well as hotels.

"It took a lot of coordination, a lot of detail. It also took a lot of coordination on behalf of the City of Gering and Scotts Bluff County. When you're utilizing downtown streets for a race start and finish, and miles and miles of county roads for five waves of gravel competition, it certainly did require input and collaboration from all departments in both the City of Gering and Scotts Bluff County.