SIDNEY -- Sidney School District Superintendent Andrew Farber commended the Raiders for their win over Pierce November 3, also noting the win results in the football team traveling to Wahoo Public Schools for the semi-final game . 

The game is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. CST in Wahoo.

"As a result of our victory, Sidney Public Schools will not be in session on Friday, November 10, 2023. This is so students, families and staff that wish to travel to Wahoo, can attend the game. Academics are, and will always be, the top priority of Sidney Public Schools. However, we strive to focus on the total learning experience as well. As a district, we believe that the education of our students reaches beyond the classroom, and in order to provide a complete learning experience, the school takes advantage of a variety of opportunities," Farber said in a letter to families, staff and the community.

These out of classroom experiences allow students to acknowledge the success of their fellow classmates and build concepts like camaraderie, confidence, relationships, global views, and memorable experiences. This is why the district does things like support state playoff teams, plan summer trips to NY or Europe, invite guest speakers, and take field trips. Whenever Sidney Public Schools decides to dismiss school, we understand that this can cause challenges for our families and appreciates your flexibility when these decisions are made.

"Sidney Public Schools is truly grateful for the consistent and overwhelming support you provide every one of our students! For those who intend to travel and attend the game, we hope you have a wonderful and safe experience," Farber said in his letter.