KIMBALL, Neb. -- Officials with the Sentinel project met with Sidney and Kimball citizens this week. Wednesday's meeting was held in Kimball.

The town hall meeting was designed as a question-answer session with a short introduction. Maps were displayed showing where work is proposed and how it might impact local landowners.

"The intent of tonight's meeting is to continue dialogue with landowners and the community about our efforts to acquire the necessary land to support the construction of the utility corridor. And specifically, this is the first phase of that effort," said Taylor Walton, Lead Acquisition Program Manager for the Air Force.

The meeting had representatives from Northop Grumman, the U.S. Air Force and attorneys involved in the Sentinel Project. Wednesday's meeting was held to keep residents updated on the project.

"Tonight, we're just here to talk to the community, give them an update on some land acquisition, and the overall civil ICBM modernization program," said Lt. Col. Eric Green, Global Strike Command, FE Warren Air Force Base.

Tonight's meeting had a mixture of newcomers and residents who have followed the project since its announcement.

"A lot of folks had already been here before tonight, but we welcome the new ones. And again, just here with a great team with us tonight to talk about land acquisition and the overall program," Lt. Col. Green said.

He said the Sentinel team has had "really great relationships with Kimball." He said it is important to maintain positive relationships with their community partners.