SIDNEY -- The Sidney School District board of education recognized the October students of the month in the November 13 board meeting.

The Monthly Performance Award acknowledges other criteria as well as achievement.
These criteria are: 

1. Superior academic performance, (or) dramatic improvement of classroom work, G.P.A., or attitude toward learning.

2. Exceptional work effort toward a particular class project,

3. Outstanding contribution toward to the class,

4. Leadership exhibited in the class/school, 

5. Citizenship emphasized and modeled,

6. Service to school. 

Recognized for the November 2022 Performance Awards are:

7th grade -- Zach Roberts: Zach Roberts is the seventh grade student of the month for October. Zach leads by example in the classroom. We can always count on him to be on-task and helpful to other students. Zach also shows perseverance when work gets difficult. He earned a spot on the straight-A honor roll for the first quarter of seventh grade. It has been a pleasure to have hi in class this year. Zach is the son of Josh and Yvette Roberts.

8th grade -- Connor Nebarez: Connor Nebarez has been chosen as Sidney Middle School's student of the month for October. Connor has always been an excellent role model for other students in the classroom. He always has a positive attitude and is more than willing to help others in need. Connor is always polite when greeting his teachers and fellow classmates. Connor participates in Cross Country, Quiz Bowl and Track. It is because of these qualities that Connor is a perfect choice for Student of the Month for October. Connor is the son of Daniel and Robin Nebarez.

9th grade -- Emily Bashtovoi: Emily Bashtovoi has been chosen as Sidney High. School's student of the month for October. Emily is a great student. She works hard in and out of class, and has a great work ethic. Emily is involved in HOSA, Cross Country, Track as well as being the Freshman Class President. She is the daughter of Denis and Amy Bashtovoi.

10th grade -- Olivia Ford: Olivia Ford has been chosen as Sidney High School's student of the month for October. Olivia is always prepared for class and has a great positive attitude everywhere she goes. She is involved in HOSA, JTOH, Cheerleading and S-Club. She is the daughter of Nick and Haley Ford.

11th grade -- Dakota Hawkins: Dakota Hawkins has been chosen as Sidney High School's student of the month for October. Dakota works hard in school, uses her classroom time well, and is responsible. She's respectful and pleasant towards others. She is the football manager, is in choir and S-Club. She is the daughter of Gina Elsen and Kory Hawkins.

12th grade -- Johnathan Meza: Johnathan has consistently displayed an unwavering commitment to his education and a deep passion for involvement in our school community. He consistently achieves top grades in his coursework and is always eager to take on challenging academic tasks. he is known for his kind and respectful demeanor. Johnathan is not only an active participant but also a leader within our school. He possesses excellent communication and organizational skills, making him a vital asset in various school activities. Activities John is involved in include DECA, NHS, Golf, Cross Country as well as Senior Class President. He is the son of Enriqueta Flores.