SIDNEY -- Meandering through the south-central part of Sidney is a historic waterway that may have been critical a century or so ago, but is mostly below the surface now.

However, the Environmental Quality Council is taking a look at Lodgepole Creek, the stream of water that is barely visible for much of its trek through Cheyenne County. 

Sidney City Manager David Scott said the state's Department of Energy and Environment,  EQC wants to give the tributary PCR designation, Primary Contact Recreation. He said the result would be the water must be fishbowl and swimming pool quality.

"We all know that you're not going to be jet skiing in Lodgepole Creek between here and Kimball any time soon. Most of that water, all of that water, almost all of that water runs underground. There are a couple places were there is some surface water. We've noticed it is mostly on farm land, privately owned and having nothing to do with recreation," Scott said.

The result is Sidney and Kimball locally may face unfunded mandates to improve Lodgepole Creek's quality to proposed standards.

Scott said much of Lodgepole Creek is only a few inches deep and recognized by the cattails and various plant life.

He said Mike Palmer and wastewater supervisor Todd Sukup will be in Lincoln to protest the proposal.