SIDNEY -- The Cheyenne County Commissioners today approved a memorandum of understanding for a new 4-H Assistant position. 

Extension educator Laura Narjes has been seeking support for the position. Since the position was first proposed, Narjes has submitted her resignation after a job offer from Adams Industries. In the previous commissioners meeting, the commissioners voiced concern with approving a new position and that person would have to answer to a new person. The belief is the 4-H Assistant would work directly with the position currently done by Narjes.

The 4-H Assistant position would help with 4-H and county fair programs in Cheyenne and Deuel counties. 

Today, Narjes attended the meeting with Extension Educator Karen DeBoer and Rob Eirich, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Educator/Coordinator. 

Commissioners expressed concerns of if the position held by Narjes will be filled, and how the 4-H Assistant position will be filled. Initially, the commissioners were concerned that the hired for the proposed position would work under the supervision of Narjes. 

Conversation this morning started with Commissioner Randy Miller asking DeBoer "how long we have you," referring to rumors he hear of her leaving the program. She said she plans to stay in the Extension Office for "a few months." Miller said that is one of the concerns the commissioners have, the number of people leaving. 

"We're huge fans of 4-H, and you know that. Us three have done everything we possibly could to promote 4-H. We think with Lynn (McKinney) and Laura, you've done fantastic. We know that. Our biggest concern is the turnover, and how it's all happening at one time," Miller said. 

Narjes said she will not be involved in the hiring of the 4-H Assistant. However, she will offer as much training as possible to the new Educator and 4-H Assistant. Eirich said the Educator position is defined by the State as "mission critical."

"When Laura let me know that she was leaving, we have to go through what we call 'mission critical' situation. It has to go to the vice-chancellor for approval. So, that position has been approved. We are moving through the process. There's a lot of steps in that process because it is a state entity, so we have to go through the hiring steps. I can tell you right now, the position has been approved. Right now, I'm trying to finalize the search committee," Eirich said.

The commissioners approved the memorandum of understanding 3-0.