SIDNEY -- Business continues to grow for Highby Outdoors. 

The company that started with online sales, then to a storefront before relocating to the corner of Jackson Street and 10th Avenue is considering a bigger facility.

The customer base and products sought are the driving force behind their research of downtown properties, owner Matt Highby said. He said the company started a block south, and outgrew the location in about a year.

"We've kind of outgrown this location, so we're looking at expanding the operation. We're pulling customers from hundreds of miles away coming here just to see us kind of like what we're doing here. Customers are saying 'hey, we want more. They want more selection. We've got the selection. We just don't have a place to put it," he said. 

Highby said they have maintained customers from when the business was web-based, and the business has continued to grow.

"We've got a nice warehouse space and now we just want to keep expanding the retail space. There's some properties in town that are appealing to us to grow our operation and grow our assortment in the categories that we're currently selling," he said.

He said Highby Outdoors expansion does not have a timeline, but ideally "sooner than later."