SIDNEY -- Students at South Elementary School had the opportunity Thursday to holiday in different countries ... without leaving school.

The school's program, "Christmas Around the World," has been a part of South Elementary School's holiday season for several years. It is a program that, even with the work involved, staff and students alike look forward to it.

"Christmas Around the World is something first grade has always done, for as long as I've been teaching at Sidney Public Schools," said Nicole Guth, first grade teacher at South Elementary today.

She said organizers of the day decided to expand the program last year.

"We had a great idea last year to incorporate it school-wide so first and second grade could travel to a different country with every teacher in a different classroom. Last year was delayed because of so many snow days. But this year, students are getting the opportunity to learn about different countries, experience a craft, or a snack from every country that they visit today," she said.

Students were taught customs of different countries including legal and political procedures. Students learned about the importance of a Passport, how to pack a suitcase and some of the jobs people do in different countries.