SIDNEY-- The local Dairy Queen management is offering an opportunity to have your sweets and support the arts too.

Dairy Queen is offering customers the opportunity to support Sidney High School performing arts programs. With each purchase there is the opportunity to round the purchase to the nearest dollar. Customers can also donate as much as they choose above the nearest dollar.

Eric Packer, District Manager for Dairy Queen, said there are programs in public schools that sometimes don't get strong financial support.

"When you go to a football game or you go to a basketball game, there's a lot of people that go to that and you have to pay to get in and that money goes back ... yes, it goes into the general fund of the schools but also it goes into support those programs, as it should. The theater department and the music department, sometimes they don't, you don't get charged to to the choir concert and the band concert. They will charge you to go into the theater programs. That's expensive to buy the rights to a show. It's not like you just go print off a script and you have the show. You have to pay for those things," Packer said. 

He said oftentimes schools struggle to fund arts programs. 

"Nobody's at fault for that. It's just there's not often funding for it. And we saw an opportunity with the round up campaigns to be able to raise some funds for some of those programs that oftentimes do get neglected. So currently, we are raising funds for the Sidney High School's music department, and their theater program," Packer said. 

He said Dairy Queen's round up program will continue to support the arts through December and January. 

Dairy Queen's effort has generated $878 from the last of October through November. Packer said the proceeds are entirely from customers rounding up. He said they, the local Dairy Queen ownership and management, have decided it is very important to give back. He said the round-up campaign is simple and allows the community to give back to the schools.