SIDNEY -- Lena Miculek is a woman who might admit gunpowder is an aroma not an odor, and "lead runs through her veins."

She was the guest at a meet and greet reception at Highby Outdoors January 3.

"I happen to be a wandering, competitive shooter on their way home and Highby Outdoors is a wonderful place to come and share my passion and knowledge for all things firearms," Miculek said.

She is a competitive shooter, promotes safe and proper firearms use by women and she is sponsored by Sig Sauer. She also recalled her last visit to Sidney when she competed in a skills match.

"Last time I drove through here I stopped and shot a local match, and had a great time, and I've already met up with old friends from there," she said.

Miculek's focus in Competitive Shooting is "Action Shooting."

"My specific discipline in Competitive Shooting is called Action Shooting. I am more of the gun belt wearer, running around, sometimes my targets are moving, but I'm going for time and speed with rifle, pistol, shotgun and a pistol caliber carbine. I have a world title in four of those five disciplines," Miculek said.

She enjoys competing, but also teaching other people about shooting and how firearms can have a place in their life.

She says she is a third generation firearms professional.

"My grandfather was one of the very first every custom gunsmiths, and the first civilian to ever win a rather prestigious competition called Camp Perry. Next in line my mother and my father both have buckets of world and national titles. And I was literally born and raised on a shooting range next to a custom gun shop that my uncle ran," she said.