SIDNEY -- A change in state school funding attributed to a decrease in funding for Sidney Public Schools.

District Superintendent Andrew Farber said tonight the administration is focused on cutting costs ... but not at the expense of staff.

"In December of 2023, the district experienced a deficit in our budget of $300,000. The loss of funds is directly related to the change in state school funding related to the new Pillan Plan," said Sidney School District Superintendent Andrew Farber.

Farber said the Sidney School District lost $250,000 in State funding under the Pillan Plan. Additionally, the District was only able to collect 95 percent of the taxes requested by the District. 

Farber added the District was able to receive special education reimbursement and additional taxes that assisted with the shortfall. He said it is important to note the special education reimbursement is not guaranteed funds, and that the District does have to work through the $300,000 deficit.

"We are working very diligently to potentially make some cuts as a district. Since June of 2023 Sidney Public Schools has reduced our operating budget by 1 to 3 percent monthly. We continue to do that. Additionally, we are also looking at some programming we potentially need to cut for next school year. However, the important thing in this is to note that our people -- our teachers, our para-educators, our secretaries, everyone that is involved in our District is dedicated to our kids. We are going to maintain our staff at all costs," he said.