KIMBALL -- The Kimball City Council will meet 5 p.m. Tuesday, January 16, at 223 S. Chestnut St., Kimball.

CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS: (Items under Consent Agenda are proposed for adoption by one action for all items unless any member of the Council requests an item be considered separately.)

• Minutes from regular meeting held on 12-14-2023.

• Minutes from the special meeting held on 12-19-2023.

• Claims

• Financials


• Approve Don Muench, Council President’s signature on bank cards for Points West, FirsTier and Kimball State Bank.

• Amber Sweetland – Library Yearly Report.

• Megan Patent-Nygren Nebraska LTAP – Traffic Study on the intersection of 2nd and Chestnut.

• Marvin Planning, presentation of the final Comprehensive Plan and Zoning.

REPORTS (Items under Reports are information only and are not subject to discussion.)

• Mayor’s Report

• Council Member’s Report

• City Administrator Report

• Police Chief Report OTHER BUSINESS Next regular meeting is scheduled for February 20th of 2024.

PUBLIC COMMENT (Public comments are information only and are not subject to discussion.)