SIDNEY -- In closing on the building at 13th Avenue and Illinois Street, City officials discovered a right-of-way that had not been vacated from public use, even though it is used as a parking lot.

City Manager David Scott said in finalizing the sale of "Big Red," it was discovered that a portion of the parking lot had not been vacated. 

"This is something that came up in the closing of the 812 13th Ave. building. They did the final survey. It was discovered that they couldn't find any record in the past record, that a portion of that property had been vacated from public use which would have been, what used to be Hickory Street before there was ever an underpass," Scott said.

He said he and City Attorney J. Leef spent hours at the county building researching documents.

"We could not find any record that that had ever been vacated, either. This is kind of a housekeeping item. We know clearly that Hickory Street does not run through there anymore. It's a parking lot now, and we know that," Scott said.

He said the did find evidence of when the City vacated a strip of land on what is now the east side of the building, and an alleyway that went through the existing building. He said the north side of the building was not vacated. He said the area to be vacated is between the north wall of the building and the railroad line. 

J. Leef said the Council's action only vacates it and keeps it in the city. There will be a second action to transfer it to WTA.