POTTER – Potter-Dix only had 4 players score in their 53-31 win over Garden County Friday evening. The Coyotes were led by senior Madison Williamson who had a game high of 25 points.

Junior Crystal Dhooge added 16 points while sophomore Micayla McConnell added 10 points.

Potter0Dix knocked down two 3’s and went 11/20 from the line.

The Lady Eagles were led by sophomore Ridglyn Stanczyk who finished the game with 10 points.

Garden County went 11/26 from the free throw line.

Potter-Dix improves to 5-12 and will travel to Colorado to face Peetz (1-10) on Tuesday, Feb 6. Garden County falls to 5-14 and travels to Hyannis to face the 4-13 Longhorns Tuesday, February 6th.


Garden County boys team had 10 different players score with Sophomore Wilsie Lobner leading the way with 14 points to capture a 59-36 win over Potter-Dix.

Sophomores Logan Levick and Kyan Kramer both chipped in 8 points.

The Eagles shot 13/20 from the free throw line, 14 of those free throws coming in the 3rd quarter.

Potter-Dix was led by senior Brayden Kasten who finished with 11 points.

Senior Jaxen Buettenback and sophomore Landon Gasseling each finished with 8 points.

Garden County improves to 12-6 and will travel to Hyannis to face 15-2 Longhorns Tuesday, February 6th. Potter-Dix falls to 8-10 and will face 9-3 Bulldogs in Peetz Tuesday, February 6th.