GRANT, NE – The Sidney and Bridgeport girls wrestling teams each qualified three wrestlers for this week’s A-4 District Girls Wrestling Tournament in Broken Bow. Each qualifier advanced out of the Girls 4b Sub-District at Perkins County High School in Grant on Saturday. To qualify for the district meet, a wrestler needed to be one of the last four competitors remaining in the Sud-District at the end of competition. No places were wrestled for in the Sub-District.

Qualifying for Bridgeport were Morgan Amateis at 110 lbs., Kyra Robbins at 125 lbs., and Hayden Marks at 170 lbs. Advancing to the A-4 District for Sidney was Izabelle Owens at 140 lbs., Saphira Whitley at 170 lbs., and Leeann Mulleavey at 190 lbs.


Joshyonna Coppage-Dortch of Omaha North Girls

Carlie McKibbin of Bayard Girls
Avalina Stoner of Mitchell Girls
Cecilia Barron Berrelleza of Morrill Girls

Emily Rodriguez of Scottsbluff Girls

Dymond Green of Omaha North Girls
Hailey Webber of Ogallala Girls
Nevaeh Martin of Chase County Girls

Kallee Klein of Mitchell Girls

Morgan Amateis of Bridgeport Girls
Jade Stockton of North Platte Girls

Jalie Barnhill of Ogallala Girls

Chelsey Robinson of Omaha North Girls
Marianne Zuniga of Sandhills Valley Girls
Janalliah Bourgeois of North Platte Girls
Alex Plowman of Conestoga Girls

Saije Phelps of Sandhills Valley Girls
Aaliyah Ramos of North Platte Girls
Ashley Garza of Bayard Girls
Macie Vallejo of Mitchell Girls

Kyra Robbins of Bridgeport Girls
Ariana Blume of Valentine Girls
Ariana Alcorta of North Platte Girls
Ivana Sagitteh of Omaha North Girls

Suubi Alexander of North Platte Girls
Jenifer Banister of Gordon-Rushville Girls
Kyler Zimmerman of Conestoga Girls
Tyra Lewis of Ogallala Girls

Ann Marie Meiman of Omaha North Girls
Lainey Filmore of Gordon-Rushville Girls
Jessalyn Fay of Valentine Girls
Emma Pester of Mitchell Girls

Izabelle Owens of Sidney Girls
Morgan Hensch of Conestoga Girls
Kirsten Heck of Gordon-Rushville Girls
Oakley Larsen of Garden County Girls

Maggie Fiene of Conestoga Girls
Hayley Rusher of Chase County Girls
Zoleigh Reffalt of Bayard Girls
Nalaya Dortch of Omaha North Girls

Mariah Duran of Sandhills Valley Girls
Brooke Schilke of Chase County Girls
Gabrielle Landon of Conestoga Girls
Caylee O`Brien of North Platte Girls

Hayden Marks of Bridgeport Girls

Dayanna Wells of Omaha North Girls
Isabell Gomez of Hemingford Girls
Saphira Whitley of Sidney Girls

Jayashree Bray of Omaha North Girls

Leeann Mulleavey of Sidney Girls
Aubree Pankonin of Mitchell Girls
Gisela Rivas of North Platte Girls

Surenity Lewis of Alliance Girls

Allee Jo Inzauro of Conestoga Girls
Yasmine Arias of Scottsbluff Girls
Isabelle Maag of Bayard Girls