SIDNEY -- A few months ago, the west side of the Sidney Regional Medical Center campus was an empty lot with maybe some hidden history ... and a dream of a united approach to medicine.

The site is rapidly transforming from a field of dreams to a vision nearing reality. Sidney Regional Medical Center CEO Jason Petik recently took News Channel Nebraska on a tour of the facility. He said the timeline is focused on early Fall for completion.

"The scheduled timeline for completion is August/September. We're looking at being able to move a lot of the final furnishings in in August, getting ready for State survey, having State survey completed in August, so that in September we're ready to move in with the residents," said Petik.

On the tour, Petik explained the layout of the building, noting comforts designed into the building including a chapel, a living room with a fireplace.

"Then there's two separate dining areas, one here to the right, one to the left, and then off of those rooms are basically activities and more private dining, activity areas and such that are set up off of those spaces. Then the kitchen kind of sets back behind the walls there," he said while touring the progress. 

Petik said the main entrance to the new facility will face the south toward Pole Creek Crossing. It opens up to a reception area and nurses desk.

"So we've got the nurses station here. We've got a waiting room/living room off to the side, and then this just goes down to the rooms, a hallway for the rooms, and then this side of the hallway goes down to dietary and then out to other spaces," he said in explaining the layout of the new Extending Care.