SIDNEY -- The Sidney School District Board of Education recognized the January Students of the Month in the February 12 board meeting.

The Monthly Performance Award acknowledges other criteria as well as achievement.

These criteria are: 

1. Superior academic performance, (or) dramatic improvement of classroom work, G.P.A., or attitude toward learning.

2. Exceptional work effort toward a particular class project,

3. Outstanding contribution toward to the class,

4. Leadership exhibited in the class/school,

5. Citizenship emphasized and modeled,

6. Service to school.

Recognized for the January 2024 Performance Awards are:

7th grade -- Emma Ford: Emma Ford has been nominated as the 7th grade student of the month for January. Emma is always willing to assist others to understand problems and demonstrates a strong desire to achieve excellence in her schoolwork. She manages to be very active in sports and school activities and still maintain a straight A average. Emma is the daughter of Nicholas and Haley Ford.

8th grade -- Kreyton Palmer: Kreyton Palmer has been chosen as Sidney Middle School's 8th grade Student of the Month for January. Kreyton consistently displays the qualities that we find desirable of a student representing Sidney Middle School. Kreyton sets a positive example each day in his academics and behavior choices. Kreyton attacks new challenges with confidence and perseverance as part of his strong work ethic. It is his willingness to participate, ask questions, flexibility, humor and constant smile, that brightens our day and sets him apart from others. In our experience with Kreyton, he has been respectful to teachers and other students. His positive attitude, excellent work ethic, humor and patience with others make him an excellent choice for Student of the Month. Kreyton is the son of Mike and Megan Palmer.

9th grade -- Ashlynn Reisdorff: Ashlynn Reisdorff has been chosen as the 9th grade student of the month. In class, Ashlynn is always prepared, she is well organized and works very well with others. She is part of the Danz Team, Cross-Country and Photography Club. Ashlynn is the daughter of Crystal and Ryan Reisdorff.

10th grade -- Kyndi Martinez: Kyndi Martinez has been chosen as the 10th grade student of the moth. Kyndi Always comes prepared to class and uses her time  wisely. She is an active listener/participant in class, and works well with others. She shows a genuine interest in what she is learning and goes above and beyond in her work. She participates in volleyball and track. Kyndi is the daughter of Katrina Powell and Brad Martinez.

11th grade -- Patrick McCartney: Works hard in class and strives to learn the material. He has been a leader among his Stock Market Game team. A great student to have in class and represents our school positively in outside activities. He is involved in football, wrestling and track. Patrick is the son of Shannon and Ann McCartney.

12th grade -- Ariadna Torres: Ariadna Torres was chosen as the student of the month for 12th grade. Ariadna works very hard in class, she is always on task and keeps a great attitude with her teachers and her peers. Ariadna is the daughter of Maria and Refugio Torres.