SIDNEY -- The Sidney City Council approved a resurfacing project on Forrest Street between 17th and 21st Avenues.

Four bids were submitted for the work: Eric Reichert Insulation & Construction ($1,249,172.34) , Peltz Companies, Inc. ($1,406,320), Infinity Construction ($1,514,700), and Paul Reed Construction ($1,720,479.28). Work will include upgrading the water system under Forrest Street, and resurfacing the street. The bids were opened on February 5.

The City used a engineering and cost estimating process with Mc Schaff reviewing the bids. 

Eric Reichert Insulation & Construction was chosen as the winning bid. The bid came in $215,727.66 under the engineer's estimate. The proposed start date is April 15.

The project will be funded by a combination of the Highway Allocation Funds awarded to the City and revenue from the voter-approved half-cent sales tax. City Manager David Scott said the City is required to use a portion of the street department's highway allocation funds.