Lucy, the K-9 approved by Kimball's city council last month, left North Carolina Tuesday. Lucy is on her way to Casper where she will finish her police dog training before making her home in Kimball this September.

Chief Jose Ruiz of the Kimball Police Department will be able to meet the new pup Thursday. He has wanted a K-9 since taking over the local police force last year. He trained with the K-9 unit in Cheyenne when he was a member of that department. Now he is looking for a full-time handler for Lucy, hoping it will be a lateral hire no so the officer will already be trained to work with a K-9.

Lucy will be used for drug enforcement in the City of Kimball. The city has had a number of notable drug busts in recent months, and Chief Ruiz feels that Lucy will further detour drug users and traffickers from settling in Kimball.