FORT MORGAN, Colo. -- Fort Morgan Police were contacted at about 2 p.m. March 20 regarding an harassment call at the Green Acres Elementary School.

Police officers and the School Resource Officer responded and spoke with school staff about an incident involving an "Orbeez Gel Blaster" used to shoot at students.

Orbeez consists of super-absorbent hydrogel made from a material called polyacrylate. This polymer has hydrophillic or water-loving properties. The hydrogel beads are manufactured through a process called polymerization, which links together many smaller molecules into long chain-like plastic polymers. These beads expand in water to about the size of a marble and are soft.

They are marketed as summer fun for kids and adults.

Officers spoke with every child that was identified as being present during the incident.  Each child stated they never believed this to be anything other than an Orbeez Gel Blaster and that there was no pain associated with being struck by the Orbeez.
The individuals responsible for shooting the Orbeez blaster at the kids were in a vehicle later identified by the School Resource Officers as driven by a Fort Morgan High School student.
The toy was collected and the two juvenile males are facing charges for this incident. One of the juveniles is a student at Fort Morgan High School. 
The Fort Morgan Police Department and Morgan RE-3 School District have worked hand-in-hand during this investigation and take all threats seriously to ensure the safety of the children immediately.
There was no threat to the safety of any child on the playground during this incident and staff of the school acted quickly to determine how to ensure the safety of all staff and students.