SIDNEY – Justin Christensen is a lifelong resident of the Sidney area and wants to be part of keeping it on course into the future. 

“I’m a son of Sidney. I was born and raised here. I was born at Memorial Health Center nearly 39 years ago now. And Sidney’s always been my home. I’ve seen it through its trials and tribulations,” Christensen said. 

He recalls the peaks and the valleys of change in the Sidney community, especially with the sale of Cabela’s to Bass Pro.  

“You got to see how things were done then, and then becoming a young adult, continuing education, things like that, working in the workforce being at Cabela’s I got to see how the city grew and prospered with Cabela’s growth. Then I ultimately changed my ways and went and started an insurance agency here in town,” he said. 

He said the change of ownership, and its impact on family incomes and the community overall, was traumatic for many, and not too distant in the past. 

“It hurt a lot of people. You know, and I saw it first-hand, people tried to save money however they could so I did what I could for them on that respect. And as the years have progressed, we’re not that far off from how people felt back in 2015 when that happened,” he said. 

He said his concerns, what drew him to run for the city council, is keeping a tight control on spending and community safety. 

“Being a son of Sidney, knowing what this town is and what it has gone through, I decided to make my run for the city council to provide new ideas, processes to try and curb any spending that can be curbed,” he said.