This summer will be a busy one for the Kimball Police. Their department will bring two law enforcement training sessions opened to regional law enforcement agencies to Kimball. This is the first time in department history that the Kimball Police have ever hosted trainings for outside departments.

The first training will be held June 12th. It will be for less-lethal/12-gauge impact munitions better known as bean bags. When fired from a 12-gauge shot-gun, these are a tool that can temporarily incapacitate a suspect while not causing the harm of a shotgun shell. The training will teach participating law enforcement not only how to choose and deploy the impact munitions, but how to train others on their use. Patrol, tactical and corrections officers are invited to attend.

The second course will be held on August 20th and 21st and train law enforcement on use of the PepperBall System. Designed as a non-lethal weapon, the system can also be used by patrol, tactical and corrections officers. According to company literature, the PepperBall System may reduce the risk of injuries to officers and suspects, and save lives. 

Law enforcement interested in either course can reach out to Chief Jose Ruiz of the  Kimball Police Department at 308-235-3615.