CHADRON – Two Chadron State College students and Assistant Professor Dr. Mary Keithly attended the National American Chemical Society Spring Conference in New Orleans recently. Senior Emmanuella Tchona of the Republic of Benin made a poster presentation about her research on how Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) resists antibiotics. Jessy Sexton of Otis, Colorado, also a senior, attended the conference representing the Chemistry Club.

This was Tchona’s first time presenting at a national conference. She said following her poster sessions, she found it helpful to have discussions with conference attendees regarding several troubleshooting issues she encountered while conducting experiments.

She will begin a doctorate program in Biomedical Sciences at the Medical College of Wisconsin this fall.

Sexton said one session he attended covered topics students need to know to successfully enter a chemistry-related career.

“One of the speakers told us to find our specific passion within chemistry before finding a job so we can enjoy the job and never get bored,” Saxton said.

Sexton said he also learned about the pros and cons of working for the government compared to private entities.

“I truly loved every one of the lectures I attended and the experiments I saw and took part in,” Sexton said.

McIntosh announced as March Student of the Month  

CHADRON – Chadron State College student Kyle McIntosh of Spring Hill, Florida, is the Project Strive/TRiO Student of the Month.

McIntosh came to CSC on a football scholarship, desiring a new experience and looking for a different perspective on life. He believes he would not have attended a four-year undergraduate college without the opportunity to play football.

“I didn’t know anything about Nebraska when I came here,” McIntosh said. “But the people here are super nice; they’re nice in Florida too, but it’s a different kind of nice. I’ve learned to like the small community here because people really care about each other, whether you want them to or not.”

McIntosh is pursuing a Business Management degree and plans to serve as a project manager for a construction company after graduation. He aspires to one day start his own construction business.

“I’ve completed an internship during the summer for HGC Design Build, now rebranded as Gilk Construction, in Tampa over the past three years and have really learned to love construction,” McIntosh said. “We primarily did industrial work but did some residential building and working on luxury homes is my favorite.”

McIntosh plans to continue to work for and learn from Gilk Construction for a few more years after completing his degree before starting a company on his own.

According to McIntosh, his interest in construction began at a young age. Growing up, he watched home remodeling shows like Love It or List It, which is when he realized he had a passion for renovating and remodeling homes.

McIntosh says his academic major will help him in the future because he will be able to manage his employees and his operation efficiently and successfully.

“Business Management really lays out the foundation for me to understand not only how to manage my future employees, but the entire operation,” McIntosh said. “Construction can be easy with experience, but managing project dates and timelines, handling supply issues, and satisfying clients and employees can be challenging. Having this degree will help me feel more prepared to handle these challenges.”

If McIntosh does not become a project manager, he plans to fully invest in the stock market and become a stockbroker.

“I started looking at stocks about three years ago after being inspired by a Warren Buffet story, and I’m just fascinated by it,” McIntosh said. “I’ve been investing in day trading for the past three years and I’ve enjoyed studying the market.”

McIntosh’s favorite class at CSC was Family Strengths with Family and Consumer Sciences Professor Dr. Lorie Hunn.

“I like the questions she asks during class, and she goes in-depth with how to improve family dynamics, how to improve personal relationships with family members, and we talk about spiritual well-being. It’s just a great course,” McIntosh said.

Hunn appreciates McIntosh’s contributions to her class and the campus of CSC.

“It is a privilege and joy to have Kyle in class,” Hunn said. “He is an extraordinary individual who always attends class and actively participates. Kyle continually strives to improve his abilities. He provides great insight in class discussions and is always willing to share his perspective as well as being a reflective thinker. His positive attitude is contagious to those around him. I personally believe Kyle is a valuable asset to Chadron State College.”

McIntosh has volunteered with The Big Event for the past three years and finds it rewarding to help the Chadron community.

“I always think it’s important to help the community you live in,” McIntosh said. “Even though the community may not always be helping you, they’re always supporting you in some way, and I think it’s important to give back.”

Director of Project Strive/TRiO, Jennifer Schaer, admires McIntosh’s understanding of Project Strive resources.

“Kyle is a wonderful person and is a great addition to the Project Strive program,” Schaer said. “He attends many events and will come in and ask questions about scheduling, the FAFSA and sometimes has questions about his future and his goals.”

Schaer also notes McIntosh’s desire to help others and commitment to self-growth.

“Kyle has helped recruit other students into Project Strive because he understands how the resources we have can help so many students. He continues to grow and develop as a person and it has been rewarding to watch,” Schaer said.

CSC Football Defensive Coordinator, Clint Sasse, recognizes McIntosh’s growth and effort in several aspects of life.

“It has been great to see the growth and resilience of Kyle throughout his years here academically, athletically, and as a member of the community,” Sasse said. “He does a great job of utilizing resources here on campus and gives fanatical effort in everything he does.”

When McIntosh isn’t busy with football, he makes use of his free time through self-reflection.

“I’m always self-reflecting on how I can improve on or fix my past mistakes,” McIntosh said. “It allows me to constantly self-improve and be the best version of myself.”

Chadron State College’s Project Strive/TRiO program, located in the lower level of the King Library, is an academic enrichment program committed to help students succeed. Project Strive also focuses on career exploration, cultural and social enrichment, and self-awareness. To be eligible for the program, a student must be one of the following: A first-generation student where neither parent has a four-year degree, meet low-income status based on U.S. Department of Health and Human Services criteria, or have a documented disability. For more information, visit