CODY, Neb. -- Milk and bread—if you don’t have them in your kitchen, many of us just have to drive a few blocks or miles to the store.

“Our ranch is situated about 65 miles to the southwest of Valentine,” Liz Ravenscroft said.

But for those like Ravenscroft, that means driving an hour just to get necessities, like that cup of sugar.

That is...until a unique store in the tiny village of Cody opened its doors.

“Two teachers said, ‘Wow. Wouldn’t it be cool if kids could check out bread and milk,' and then it was, 'Wouldn’t it be cool if we could provide this service to the community?'” Ravenscroft said.

Those teachers headed up a partnership between the school and the village to form a nonprofit for a student-run grocery store. As the business teacher, Ravenscroft manages Circle C Market.

“We do have quite a few elderly right here in town that depend on the grocery store for their groceries,” Ravenscroft said. "They don’t leave town." 

Ravenscroft said the store is not only a benefit to the community, but also the students.

“I’m getting better at working with people,” Jimmy Brians said.

Brians is a high school senior who works at the market one hour each day during his school week. Around 30 other students also take part in the hands-on class.

“Sometimes I’ll go around the store and front-face things to make it look nice,” Brians said.

“There are a lot of life skills going on,” Ravenscroft said. "They learn how to check in trucks. They learn how to take inventory. They learn how to price things."

They're learning big life skills in a small town while providing a very sweet service.