FORT MORGAN, Colo. -- On April 23, the Morgan County Sheriff's Officers served a search warrant at 19605 Roediger Ave, located just outside the city limits of Fort Morgan.

The warrant was served in collaboration with the Northeast Regional SWAT team, Fort Morgan Police Department, Brush Police Department, Sterling Police Department, Morgan County Ambulance Service MCAs, and the 13th District Attorney's Office.

The search warrant was issued based on a theft report that had been filed with the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. The suspects in the report were identified as Amber Wuchter and Damian Castillo, who had allegedly stolen two guns and multiple pieces of jewelry. It was suspected that both Wuchter and Castillo were at the 19605 Roediger Ave. address.
On April 10, the Morgan County Sheriff's Office responded to a possible arson fire at 19605 Roediger Ave, where a camper had been burned. The suspect in the arson was identified as Damian Castillo. During the investigation of the fire, the deputies noticed that Alturo (Andy) Romero, the property owner, was wearing one of the rings that had been reported stolen from the theft case. It was later discovered that Alturo Romero had pawned some of the other stolen property as well.
Based on this information and other evidence, a warrant was sought through Morgan County District Court for the property at 19605 Roediger Ave.
When the warrant was executed, law enforcement officials found 12 people on the property. Three of the them, Alturo (Andy) Romero (70), Monty Holland (52), and Keith Fletcher (57), had warrants for their arrest and were taken into custody without incident.
During the search of the property, a baggy containing a white crystal substance that tested positive for methamphetamine was also found and collected.