SIDNEY -- In December 2023, Sidney hosted an event promoting high school entrepreneurs.

On Thursday, April 25, home-school students had a similar opportunity with the "Kid-preneur Marketplace."

Jill Sauder, owner of Savor & Grace, leads the class behind the Kid-preneur project.

"[Its] been put on with the Home-school Co-op in Sidney," she said.

Sauder said the marketplace started with interest from the students. The student entrepreneurs come from the Business Creation class she hosts in the Home-school Co-op. 

"We started with a group of kids that wanted to start their own business. So we've been working the first part of our semester. As a home-school co-op, we gather every other week, every other Thursday, and we have different types of classes to bring to kids as an opportunity just to learn something different," she said.

Offerings varied from homemade cookies, locally-grown eggs, soaps, jewelry and fishing lures.

The event included 13 student vendors ranging in age from eight to 17. 

Students researched their own products, business ideas and logos. At the co-op's Christmas program, the students sold some of their products.