SIDNEY -- What are the hills north of Sidney, and what is an "igloo?" Why did the U.S. Army have a presence in Cheyenne County, Neb.?

University of Nebraska-Kearney graduate student Tatiana Moore will be speaking on her research of the Sioux Ordnance Depot on May 18. The presentation will begin at 11 a.m. in Rooms 115/116 at Western Nebraska Community College in Sidney.

In 1942, the US government arrived in Sidney and constructed the 20,000-acre Sioux Ordnance Depot. For 25 years, this ammunition storage site provided employment for a variety of individuals, contributed to the county’s economy, and became an important site in Nebraska’s military history. Since closing in 1967, the site maintains most of the 800 original storage igloos and several buildings.

This talk will provide a glimpse into the history of this military installation and its impact in the area.

In a February 2024 interview, Moore said she didn't know much about Sidney prior to her research.

"I've been researching the depot for about a year now, mostly focused on the World War II period, but I've learned that Sidney's residents had similar experiences to other areas that received military installations in that period," she said in the February online interview.

Rooms 115/116 at WNCC are accessible from the main entrance on the west side of the parking lot, then walk past the first hallway and the room is on the left.