SIDNEY -- Voters will head to the polls on May 14 for the Primary Election.

Sidney voters will vote at the Cheyenne County Fairgrounds Exhibit Building. Polls will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. All five Sidney precincts will be at the Exhibit Building.

This is also the election voter ID is required. Voter identification begins with the Primary election, according to information provided by the Cheyenne County Clerk's Office. Every election after the 2024 Primary will require a voter ID.

In Nebraska, voters can use a Nebraska driver's license, Nebraska state ID, Nebraska college ID, Nebraska political subdivision ID, passport, Military ID, Tribal ID or a hospital/assisted living facility/nursing home record.

An accepted ID must have the voter's name and photo. The ID can be expired, as long as it has the correct name and photo.

Examples of identification that will not be accepted: birth certificate, Social Security card, Medicare/Medicaid card, store membership card, out-of-state driver's license, out-of-state student ID, and utility bill.

If a voter forgets his or her photo ID, a provisional ballot will be available. A proper photo ID will need to be provided by Tuesday following the election for the ballot to be accepted.

For more information about voter ID, contact the county clerk's office or the Secretary of State's website at

Locally, voters will choose between Cheyenne County commissioner District 1: Randal D. Miller incumbent, Eric M. Pool non-incumbent, both Republican.

In the Sidney city council race, incumbents Brock M. Buckner Sr. and Burke Radcliffe Brian Fort, Justin W. Christensen, Robert J. Kuhns and Kimberly Keen non-incumbents with voters choosing two candidates.

The Cheyenne County Primary Ballot can be seen on the County Clerk's page of the county website: