SIDNEY -- Sidney High School celebrated Law Day Friday, May 3, by hosting the Nebraska Supreme Court.

The State Supreme Court heard two cases Friday morning. Chief Justice Mike Heavican said touring schools is one of his favorite part of serving on the Supreme Court.

"This is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. We obviously are the court of last resort in Nebraska, so our principle job is deciding cases and deciding, sometimes new law and what particular case is in front of us,"  Chief Justice Mike Heavican said after the court heard two cases.

Before the court heard the cases, Chief Justice Heavican stressed the proceedings are real cases before the court. He added that one of the jobs of the court is educating the public.

"One of our jobs is to make sure people understand the judiciary and how and how important and impartial judiciary is to not just the state of Nebraska, but our democracy as a whole," he said.

The court heard to appeals: one from the city of Hastings regarding the closure and demolition of a viaduct and the second from Hall County involving restitution imposed on a 14-year-old boy.

Following the hearings, the justices took questions from students.

"We always get great questions from our students. We also during the year go to both of Nebraska's law schools and have oral arguments there. But the questions we get from high school students are often as good as the questions we get from law students," Chief Justice Heavican said.