SIDNEY -- Monday's Cheyenne County Commissioners meeting began with a review of two recent decisions on burial assistance.

"Both of these have already been dealt with, so they've just been brought to our attention again," said Commissioner Phil Sanders.

Sanders, vice-chairman of the board, managed the meeting with Commission Chairman Darrell Johnson's absence.

The commissioners reconsidered an earlier decision for assistance Jose Maestas and Denis Raftery. County Attorney Paul Schaub said the assets listed for Maestas included a 1992 Ford F150 pickup. He said General Assistance guidelines are for the county to follow NADA valuations. 

Schaub said he followed the guidelines, and "took the low-side" in value. He said the value was still in excess of $1,500, the benchmark for the county to assist a family. 

Commissioner Phil Sanders said he had a notice that Sheriff Adam Frerichs had looked at a pickup. Frerichs said he saw the pickup, and felt it was worth at least $1,500. The Jose Maestas family appeal was denied.

The commissioners also reviewed a decision for Denise Raftery. County Clerk Beth Fiegenschuh said she was contacted by a woman who said there was $1,507 in Raftery's account, but it was used for medications and food. 

Commissioner Randy Miller asked if the county can wait an "acceptable amount of time" to allow families to turn assets into cash and pay bills. Schaub said the concern is funeral costs are expensive, and a priority. The commissioners approved funding the General Assistance request for Raftery.