PANHANDLE -- Wheat Belt Public Power District is starting comprehensive power pole cleanup operation in the aftermath of the severe storm that struck on April 6.

Wheat Belt has enlisted the expertise of a contractor to lead the cleanup efforts.

The April 6 storm left a trail of damage, including more than 1,100 power poles across the Wheat Belt service area. In line with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, Wheat Belt is diligently ensuring that the cleanup process adheres to the highest safety and environmental standards.

As part of these regulations, it is imperative that the damaged power poles be disposed of in certified landfills to mitigate any potential environmental hazards.

While Wheat Belt empathizes with the desire of our customers and community members to salvage materials for personal use, it is regrettable that, due to regulatory requirements and safety concerns, customers will not be permitted to take the poles.

Wheat Belt remains committed to the swift and efficient restoration of power infrastructure, prioritizing the safety and well-being of our communities. 

For further information and updates on the cleanup efforts, please call the Wheat Belt office at (308) 254-5871, visit the company's website, or visit them on Facebook.