SIDNEY -- On May 8, Coleen Langdon, president of the Memorial Gardens board, went from planting at the Gardens to discovering heart-wrenching vandalism.

It wasn't just that it was damaged property for public use. It was also donated in memory, she said.

"I was here planting and as I was leaving, I, this caught my eye. This was a table and benches. They were painted concrete. Apparently, vandals came along and ripped it out and the city employees picked up the parts they were able to pick up," Langdon said.

She said the table and benches is, at least until the vandalism, a well-known picnic area.

"It is really sad. I hate to see this. This was used so much. People would come here and have lunch. They brought their kids. Rarely would I work here when we didn't have kids, or people or, lunchers," she said.

The vandalism, which Langdon said includes a picnic table pushed into the lake, sprinkler heads broken and graffiti on the bathrooms.

"We do have cameras, and there are cameras in some of the other buildings and my understanding is there are pretty clear pictures of the a perpetrators," she said.

Cost of the damaged table and benches is estimated at $1,000.

Sidney Police have announced an ongoing investigation into damage at Legion Park and Memorial Gardens. Police has collected several videos, witness statements and are currently working to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Until this matter is resolved extra patrols will continue in the area. If anyone has any information please contact the Sidney Police Department at 308-254-5515. Thank you to those who have already provided statements and information.