Radcliffe leads Sidney City Council race

CHEYENNE COUNTY -- Primary Election results are being posted with the Sidney City Council getting much of the attention.

Sidney City Council had the most attention in Cheyenne County voters choosing two seats among six candidates. In the end, Burke Radcliffe advanced to the November General Election with 471 votes, followed by non-incumbent Robert J. Kuhns in second with 384 votes. Brian Fort with 366 and Brock M. Buckner Sr. with 325 also advance to the general election this fall.

Kimberly Keen at 294 votes was fifth and Justin W. Christensen was sixth at 236. 

Incumbent Randal Miller defeated challenger Eric Pool in the District 1 Commissioners race, 345-208.

Cheyenne County voters leaned heavily toward Paul E. Strommen over Bolinger for Legislative District 47. In the final tally, Strommen earned 1,379 in Cheyenne County and Bolinger 289. Both will be on the ballot in November. 

Cheyenne County voters are so far favoring Donald J. Trump for the Republican nomination with 192 votes. Nikki Haley collected 27 and Perry Johnson 3. President Joseph R. Biden Jr. earned 75 votes as of 8:32 p.m. on the Democratic ticket. 

Garden County's unofficial results include the city of Oshkosh with Jeannie Schwartz collected 234 votes. Jaden Porter earned 128 votes, Tina Sullivan 101, Tom Martin 85 and Jeff Albery 44.  A total of 680 votes were cast for the Oshkosh city council. 

Garden County voters cast 463 votes in favor of Strommen for Legislative District 47, and 182 votes for Bolinger.

Garden County voters overwhelmingly supported Trump with 582 votes, and 54 for Biden.

Morrill County's unofficial tally has voters supporting Trump with 1,027 votes; 78 for Nikki Haley. Biden received 87 votes. Morrill County voters supported Strommen with 839 votes, followed by 355 for Bolinger.

There was a Levy Authority Reddington before voters. The proposal received 21 votes in support and eight against.

The biggest race in Keith County is the Justice Center Bond. Voters overwhelmingly cast a no-vote with 2,268 votes cast, 2,050 votes against the proposal.

In Scottsbluff, voters advanced Jerry Stricker, Scott Phillips, Kasandra Lauder and Selina Lerma through to the general election for city council. 

Voters in Minatare approved Proposition No. 1, which imposes a 1% sales tax on all transactions in the city for 10 years unless extended by a later vote. 40% of the revenue generated by that tax would be applied to streets/public improvements, with 25% applied to community improvements and the last 25% to downtown renovations.