KIMBALL -- City Council Member Christy Warner took herself out of the running for one of the two city council seats opening this year. 

My hope for Kimball’s growth does not always align with the current council, but the incoming council will serve Kimball well,” Warner says. “While we need the council to represent the different interests in Kimball, we should work to not have continued split councils or unwillingness to come to the table to find middle ground. I believe new ideas come from having new perspectives on the council.” 

Jamie Murdoch and Austin Garner ran unopposed in the Primary Election for the two open City Council Member seats. If no one else gets written in on the General Election Ballot, they will assume their positions on the council in December. 

Warner says people should need to be elected to a government position rather than be appointed – which is what happens if no one runs for an open position.  

She wasn’t going to step down unless there were people already interested in the position, so when Murdoch and Garner put their names in the running, Warner removed hers. 

“I am honored to have served Kimball for over 8 years,” Warner says. “I hope the new council can find the balance to move forward on all the projects ahead of us.” 

Warner expresses her vision for Kimball growing to the size it once was when she was growing up here.

She says in the late 80’s to early 90’s, Kimball had two grocery stores, including a Safeway, and every storefront downtown was full.  

“Let the new buildings come, let the new houses come, we’re not going to get overrun, we’re still going to have a great community,” Warner says. “That's what I'm excited for.”  

It’s good for kids who grow up here to go out and explore the world and have other experiences, she says, but the hope is for them to come back to our small, tight-knit community to raise their own kids. 

“We need to do a lot to bring our kids home and our grandkids and the next generation after that,” Warner says. “The things that we do today are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a multi-generational change in our community. That's what I was on the council for. Thats what I was hoping to do. And we are starting to see that.”

Warner is still going to be making changes for the community outside of the council. For example, she is on the Pool/recreational Center Committee that is working toward building a Wellness Center in Kimball.

“I will still participate in our community and try to help it grow in a productive way,” she says.