SIDNEY -- Illinois Street was alive with nearly every type of motorized, wheeled vehicle imaginable  Friday for Sidney's annual Cruisin' Night, hosted by radio stations 987 The Big Boy and Cheyenne County Country.

More than 20 years in the making, the 2024 Cruisin' Night included trucks, tractors, hot rods, a few "rat rods" and just folks out to relive the days of cruising "Main Street." The event brought out families, fans, "motorheads" in the truest sense of the word and people anxious to welcome summer with a few laps downtown. It was also an opportunity for people to come downtown and enjoy Oldies music on the radio at 98.7 FM, 95.7 FM and 1340 AM while cars were cruising Illinois Street.

Mark Goll and Andrew Holbrook took advantage of the nice night to enjoy a night reliving youth and watching others do likewise. This was his sixth year of experiencing Cruisin' Night. He said the fun is in the social atmosphere. Trying to define what stood out in the night took some thought.

"Uhhh, boy! Just a lot of good vehicles, a lot of good noise, loud engines, a lot of kids waving from cars, tractors, semis. It's a great spot. It's Sidney. That's what it is: it's Sidney," Goll said.

The 2025 Cruisin' Night event is scheduled for Friday, June 6 in Sidney.