KIMBALL -- A man was sentenced for a felony in Kimball County District Court June 4. 

Thirty-four-year-old Joseph Robinson was arrested March 9 and charged with a Class 3A Felony attempted burglary, which he later pled guilty to. 

District Court Judge Derek Weimer sentenced Robinson to 60 days’ time served and 2 years of probation.  

County attorney David Wilson said Robinson had broken into a property and stolen a wallet that contained $1,700 and personal photos. The victim was more concerned about the photos than replacing the money, which is why the state was not asking for restitution in this case. 

“Sixty days in jail is a lot of time but an additional term of probation is appropriate,” Wilson said. 

Robinson’s attorney Stacy Bach requested that the judge waive the post-release probation period because her client is distancing himself from bad influences and moving away for a fresh start. 

“He has realized if he stays around the same people, he will end up in the same bad situations,” Bach said. “This was a huge eye-opener for him, and he learned his lesson.” 

Judge Weimer said he appreciates the comments Bach offered and thinks it is wonderful that Robinson is relocating for a fresh start along with landing a job, but he still felt that probation was necessary in this case.  

“You can find people to screw around with in any town you go to, there will always be folks that will help you get in trouble,” Judge Weimer said to Robinson.