KIMBALL -- Beginning this week, Kimball Health Services is expanding its surgical services. 

KHS has partnered with Regional West Medical Center to bring four additional surgeons to Kimball. 

Joining the KHS surgical staff beginning June 13 will be Drs. Jeffrey Holloway, Rommie Hughes, Bradley Hertzler and Jason LaTowsky. 

Holloway is a general, vascular, trauma, advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon. Hughes is a general, trauma, vascular, endovascular and vein surgeon. Hertzler performs surgeries and vascular diagnostics. LaTowsky is a general, trauma, advanced laparoscopy and bariatric surgeon. 

All four surgeons will offer appointments in the KHS specialty clinic 2-3 times each month. They will join KHS Drs. Bill Wyatt (reconstructive plastic and hand surgeon), Jeffrey MacMillan (orthopedic surgeon), Rene Hinkle (obstetrics and gynecology surgeon), William Dickey (ear, nose and throat surgeon), and Daniel Williams (pain management specialist). 

KHS Director of Surgical Services Jason Beals says Kimball Services is in the most demand for general surgery professionals, which often involves treatment of common issues such as gallstones, appendicitis or hernia repairs. The additional staff will help fill that gap by providing those services.  

“I’m just super excited to be able to offer this,” Beals says. “This is a piece of the puzzle we’ve been working on, and it’s a great addition to our portfolio of services that we provide.” 

Beals says if someone suspects they need a procedure done, the next step is to make an appointment with the specialty clinic. 

“The specialty clinic appointments just give people a chance to sit down and discuss with the provider what the options are,” Beals says. “Maybe [the issue] can be treated without surgery, but if surgery is needed, we always try to go as minimally invasive as possible.” 

The surgery department now has eight surgeons, which Beals says is an impressive number for the size of Kimball. The department has performed an average of 40 procedures per month since opening in February. 

Kimball Health CEO Cassie Gasseling says they are always looking to serve people locally and reduce the need for them to travel out of town for medical care. 

“At the same time, there are talented surgeons at RWMC that have the opportunity to serve more people by coming to Kimball,” Gasseling says. “We’re very fortunate to have a state-of-the-art new surgery suite and the great support staff in Jason’s department for them to work with. 

KHS Director of Public Relations Kerry Ferguson says Kimball Services is well equipped to take care of all kinds of needs now. 

“We want people to feel comfortable, we want people to get their medical care here and recover here where they are close to home and close to family as they go through the surgery and the rehabilitation process,” Ferguson says.