SIDNEY -- The Cheyenne County Commissioners recently discussed the gravel and sand pit near Bronson.

The pit is managed by Turner Landscaping. County Planning and Zoning Coordinator Colleen Terman said there are no issues with the sand and gravel pit.

"I drove out by there and really ... I think they're in compliance. I didn't see any issues," Terman said.

Commissioner Phil Sanders agreed, noting "it looks like a gravel pit. It looks fine to me."

Trevor Batt, representing Paul Reed Construction of Scottsbluff, explained to the commissioners what the company is doing, including reclamation, safety and property maintenance.

Paul Reed Construction has a perpetual Conditional Use Permit that continues as long as it is being used for the purposes the Conditional Use Permit was given, according to Terman.

"If they don't do anything for three years, and it sits there idle, then we have to send them a letter," she said.

Batt said the sand and gravel pit is an active site.

"We've always had material stockpiled there. That's the whole goal. That's why I'm trying to move as much stuff out of there as we can. That's where all the crushed asphalt, the crushed concrete base that's still there," Batt said.

Commissioner Randy Miller said Paul Reed Construction is in compliance, and there are no issues with Planning & Zoning.