SCOTTSBLUFF  The annual re-ride of the Pony Express was seen on area roads June 20. 

It is a time to relive history, to experience mail delivery when the West was still developing.A group of riders from the Scottsbluff area met in Bridgeport June 20, riding about 1-mile segments and trading riders. Rider Jacquie Hartman of Scottsbluff said it is an opportunity to spend time with her husband Mark. Jacquie Hartman of the Scottsbluff area describes the experience.

“It’s a 68-mile stretch that we cover. We picked up at Bridgeport, and we will stop our group’s part in Lyman. So, that will be about 68 miles,” Hartman said. 

She said in addition to the ride, for her it is an opportunity to spend time with her husband.

"This is about his one and only time out in the year on horseback for any sense of period of time. And he's been doing it for 19 years," she said.

Riders are re-enacting the Pony Express mail delivery. The St. Joseph, Mo., to Sacramento, Calif. ride is planned for 10 days. The ride passed through Cheyenne, Morrill and Scotts Bluff counties on Thursday, June 20. The ride is completed by volunteers, including the Hartmans and Russ Thacker. Thacker is also from the Scottsbluff area.

"I'm just one of the riders. People volunteer and then come out and do this," Thacker said.

He said letters in the 1860s cost $5. Riders carry letters in a leather mochila. The letters are delivered to post offices. He added that the Pony Express re-ride is often a family affair.

"For example, my granddaughter Kaidynce is riding -- Kaidynce Lygeros --  is riding today, and -- I have an extra horse -- and her mom, Suzanne Lygeros, is chauffeuring us, moving the truck and trailer forward," Thacker said. 

Riders stay on the trail through any weather, except lightning. 

 According to a National Park Service article, the 1,966 mile, eight state event is conducted 24 hours a day until the mail is delivered to its destination. This national event is an opportunity for all young and old to ride the Pony Trail and to receive mail via the Pony Express.