SIDNEY -- Highby Outdoors continues to expand, having outgrown its second location.

Highby Outdoors owner Matt Highby said the business has grown from online sales, to a small shop, to a bigger location and now to a store with two floors and a surprise experience on the second floor.

"We kind of outgrew our last location, so this is our third location. This new building is kind of right next door to our last building; doubled in size upstairs and we also have our new bargain basement we're launching. And then we also have our new Air BnB upstairs, the Osborne Lodge," Highby said.

The new location is the former Aliens & Strangers Music Store. The main floor has many displays of firearms and related equipment. The basement will be named the "Bargain Basement" with an assortment of guns and accessories at a bargain price.

Highby Outdoors welcomed the public to the new location Thursday, June 27, for their grand opening. The journey to Highby Outdoors newest location is one of growth; one office resulted in a retail location, which lead to a bigger location, which resulted in their current address.

"We kind of opened small. We had two little cases of guns and that was it. Then it kind of grew into a couple racks, then it turned into a long rack of ammunition. Then we're like 'oh, now we need a bigger store' so the building across the street with a coffee shop became available. We purchased that a couple years ago. We moved into there. We kind of had a coffee shop, a bigger store. We were really excited. As we moved into there, we quickly realized like we're going to need a bigger place. This one came available a couple months ago, so we quickly jumped on that. We moved into here, and it's kind of been a better fit for us," he said.