KIMBALL -- The small town of Kimball has gotten recent attention from organizations of large Nebraska cities to assist in future projects. 

A few groups from eastern Nebraska have visited Kimball with interest in helping the town with potential projects and assisting in the town’s growth.

A philanthropical organization out of Omaha contacted Mayor John Morrison saying they’d heard of Kimball and offered help with any projects that would fit their criteria. 

Morrison said the city officials could fill out forms to receive grant money for potential recreational projects including building a wellness center, expanding the walking trial, and upgrading Gotte Park. 

Kimball City Council recently approved installing a new playground in City Park. They also discussed installing a similar playground in Gotte Park in the next couple of years. Morrison said if the city council can come up with a plan, they could apply for grant money through the group for the project. 

“Things are happening out here; people are realizing that Kimball is on the move, and we need some help,” Morrison said. “We are willing to step up and do things like build subdivisions, and they are willing to come in and help.” 

The UNL's Department of Architecture is interested in helping Kimball with potential projects in town. 

Architect students and professors will visit the town to see if there are possible projects they can help with, Morrison said. 

“It isn’t something new for Kimball and it was a benefit last time,” Morrison said. “It helps the students and will also help Kimball.” 

About 20-25 years ago, architect students and professors helped with a downtown project to upgrade storefronts. They redesigned storefronts and the owner approved and went through with it, so that's what they’re offering again. 

The Dean of Journalism at the University of Nebraska has met with Morrison twice about bringing more attention to small-town news organizations.

She was touring the whole panhandle region to express her hope for the growth of local news stations in smaller communities, Morrison said. She is trying to encourage students to apply for summer internships in smaller communities.  

“Kimball is starting to get on everybody’s radar with the things we’re doing in town,” Morrison said.