KIMBALL -- The City Council reversed their decision to install stop signs at the intersection of 7th St. and High School St.

The council originally approved the installation of the stop signs in the June 18 meeting:  

On July 2, Parks and Streets Super Jim Shoup explained to the council that it is more complicated than it seemed to add stop signs to the intersection.  

The set-up of the intersection makes the placing of the stop signs complicated, Shoup said. The intersection is offset, and High School St. going south turns into an alleyway instead of a street. 

The concern from community members who live on the street was that people drive too fast and carelessly down the alley, so an option that was brought up is to install speed bumps to make people drive slower. 

Shoup said a concern about putting stop signs on 7th street is that it would back up traffic from school buses during the school year, residents from the new apartments on the corner, and people going to The Manor. 

The consensus is that it would probably be best to keep the traffic on 7th street flowing. 

City Administrator Annette Brower said the council should wait to make a final decision until they can determine what the traffic pattern will be like during the school year and when people are living in the new apartments. 

The council will table the discussion until they understand the traffic pattern better to determine the best course of action.