SIDNEY -- Sidney’s official celebration of the Fourth of July brought families together for a night of light and sound. 

Residents soon started their own show, including those only a short walk from Deer Run Park and the community fireworks display. 

Thursday’s celebration on Dawn Drive included a massive display hosted by Little Tornado Towing and Recovery. 

Troy Hughes and his daughter Julia are the Sidney faces of Little Tornado. The company rolled out a trailer and used the flat bed of one of the service trucks to organize the night’s fireworks. 

“It started about 3-4 years ago. We did the first one and people kept asking us to do it again and again," Hughes said. "More people come and, you know, we just like to support our city. Sidney’s got some good people, and they also support us very well."

He said their "pretty good selection" of fireworks are for the enjoyment of the neighbors and the children. He said it has become a tradition. The night of entertainment costs Hughes and Little Tornado Towing and Recovery about $8,000.  

Troy and Julia said they continue doing the fireworks displays because they enjoy it, and they enjoy people asking them to do it. Each year the crowd gets larger. 

“It’s great. We love seeing more people come. You know, we got great people, great ... everybody. They just support us," Hughes said.